Implementing various types of pleats or folds, custom drapery/curtains offer a personalized look in your space. Soft sheers or elegant full fabrics, custom made draperies are the ideal treatment to accentuate your unique taste with endless variations.

Light Requirements

• Sheer fabrics provide softness and elegance , a sense of “lightness” to the space while providing light filtering capabilities.
• Full fabric draperies give a more formal look and can either filter light, or Blackout completely with appropriate lining.

Pleat / Fold Type

• Ripplefold for a more contemporary/modern style.
• Pinch/Tailored/Inverted Pleats for a classier, more traditional feel.


With a plethora of hues, textures, patterns and composition, the possibilities are practically endless. Cotton, Linen, Satin or Velvet, each have their own distinct flow and qualities to compliment your home interior , while providing noise and heat insulation.



Pinch Pleat