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Design Consultation

With numerous sample books of products/fabrics/hardware , we’ll be able to show you all options at the convenience of your home/office. Every client has a unique taste , and every space has its own specific needs and limitations. Finding the perfect treatment that combines these requirements is our specialty.

During your free design consultation, Isaac will go over all options that meet your expectations, explain the difference between products and point out pros and cons (we don’t hide the cons ) of each product. We’ll harness our vast expertise to bring your design vision to fruition.


All our treatments are custom made .
Every one of your openings will be carefully measured and inspected to detect any obstructions that may compromise proper functionality. Handles , cranks , trims , baseboards etc , all need to be taken into account when measuring for custom treatments. We’ll be able to point them out and advise on solution.

Place order

Reviewing and confirming all details is extremely important when ordering custom made window treatments.
To ensure your project meets your design expectations.

We emphasise going over all order details to make sure our clients are excited about the products chosen and the guaranteed price .
Verifying that our clients are pleased and committed to the product chosen , is crucial to us . We want to make sure you know exactly what you are getting and setting expectations correctly.


When dealing with top-quality products, professional installation is key. The finishing touch to bringing your vision to life is crucial and should be trusted to experienced installers with the know-how to work clean, precise, and efficient. Our in-house installation team will make it look easy while leaving you in awe of your new window decor.